Welcome to Zibrant LIVE! The Creative Communications Agency dedicated to creating sparks that lead to brand experiences.

Zibrant LIVE! are industry leaders in live production, creative content, powerful video, clever communications and flawless event management. Successful events are always so much more than the tangible services most agencies offer. It is about creating a legacy.

Taking the creative minds from both P&MM and Zibrant Events, we have formed a new and exciting agency that is all about developing YOUR BRAND.

What do we do? Well, that's easy, Zibrant LIVE! is about 'Creating Event Energy'. This enables us to produce the world's best in event creativity, full event management, high-end production values and supplier management on a global scale. We work with our clients to develop relevant exciting content, work through and plan venue viability which always leads with best fit and an idea at its heart.
Bottom line, it's about creating a lasting experience.

We think differently to other agencies, we take the time to get to know you and your brand. We are working hard to create a site which will blow your socks off. We know that 'coming soon' messages can be boring and leave you with unanswered questions. Until then, why not check out the team and the ideas that spark our creativity on our blog site - Our World.

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